Thursday, December 9, 2010

How can Competition be a Factor in Driving Traffic to our Website?

Now that we are done with keyword evaluation, the next thing that we need to consider in our keyword research is the competition.  I’ve divided the competition analysis into three different subtopics and these are the following:
  1. Keyword Evaluation
    1. Search Volume
    2. Search Trends
    3. Commercial Value
  2. Competition Analysis
    1. Competition Volume
    2. On-Page Factors
    3. Off-Page Factors
  3. Exploration
Competition analysis is our way of analyzing the competition of our potential keywords.  Some of our potential keywords may have very high competition and it may be impossible for us to compete with our competitors using that keyword.  That’s why we have to be careful in analyzing the competition in our target niche.

Our aim is for our website to be displayed in the front page of the Google search result page for us to have a steady stream of traffic.  The only problem is there are only 10 listings in the front page for each keyword phrase and there are often many websites competing for those top 10 spots.

For us to be able to reach that goal there is really no need for us to have a perfect website.  What we need to do is to just be better than our competitors.

Having a very attractive design and a very interesting topic may be a good factor in driving traffic to our website.  The problem is that if the competition is very high and impossible to penetrate, then all of those factors become useless.  That’s why we have to be careful in picking our battles for us to avoid frustrations and money loss.

In my next article, we’re going to discuss competition volume.


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